Facial Hair Removal Methods

Facial Hair Removal Methods

If you are in a dilemma about whether or not to remove facial hair, this article is for you! We explain why the hair on your face grows and how you should remove it. Is it really harmful to remove facial hair, as they say? Will your hair grow thicker? We can guess that you have a lot of questions in your mind. Should facial hair be removed? We open the facial hair removal file!

Methods to get rid of facial hair

depilatory cream for face

Among the methods of getting rid of facial hair, the easiest and painless one is to use a depilatory cream! Depilatory creams for the face, suitable for sensitive skin, quickly shed hair. According to the growth rate of the hairs on the body, the hairs start to grow again within 7-10 days.You can remove eyebrow, mustache, cheek, chin and upper cheek hair by using depilatory creams for the face. Depilatory cream is more suitable for large areas. It can be risky to use hair removal cream for narrow and difficult areas such as eyebrows.

Removing facial hair with a razor

It is very popular to remove eyebrows with a razor! Easy to apply has made the eyebrow razor facelift method more common. Well, let’s answer the only question on everyone’s mind: Does getting a facial with an eyebrow razor thicken your hair?

Using an eyebrow razor will not thicken the straight hairs. Since it only cuts the hairs in one line, it causes all of them to grow at the same time. This causes the hair to feel harder and thicker.

Editor’s suggestion: After shaving facial hair, we recommend applying CeraVe moisturizing cream to prevent redness . Thanks to its controlled release technology, this cream, which continues to  moisturize the skin throughout the day , will bring freshness to the skin after epilation.

Using a hair removal tool

One of the mustache removal methods is to use a hair removal tool. This spring-shaped tool compresses facial hair, causing it to break. The facial hair removal tool does not remove the hairs from the root, but only makes them break off from the skin surface. Therefore, facial hair such as mustache and eyebrows grows back quickly after the hair removal tool.

The facial hair removal tool is mostly preferred for flat surfaces such as mustache and cheeks. After the facial hair removal tool, you may see redness and sensitivity on your skin. This tool, which consists of a metal spring, can leave a rough appearance on the skin. For this reason, you can refresh your face by using Garnier Hyaluronic Aloe Gel after the application. This moisturizer, which smoothes the skin and makes it look moist for 48 hours, will help the skin to relax after hair removal.

Using feather bleach

Facial hair bleaching is one of the most comfortable and convenient methods! Hair bleaching creams don’t work for hair removal. It reduces the visibility of dark hair on the face by turning it yellow. Facial hair bleaching creams lighten the color of the hair with the chemicals it contains and make it invisible. Especially if you have sensitive skin, we prefer to use methods such as thread removal, waxing and facial epilation instead of bleaching creams.

What causes facial hair growth?: Hormonal imbalance, thyroid, drug use and polycystic ovary disease can cause facial hair growth.

remove facial hair with wax

If you’re wondering about the most permanent way to remove facial hair, we recommend waxing. Removing eyebrow, mustache and cheek hair with wax provides a smooth appearance for 15 days.

We recommend waxing for those who want to epilate at home and permanently get rid of unwanted facial hair. Waxing provides the longest lasting smooth appearance. You can easily get rid of eyebrow, mustache, neck, cheek and front ear hair with wax strips that you can easily prepare at home.

Editor’s suggestion : When waxing, your skin is pulled and stretched more than it needs. This returns to us as redness and tiny bumps after waxing. You can apply CeraVe Face Cream to your face to reduce redness after waxing. This cream, which protects your sensitive skin from the sun and moisturizes it intensely, is ideal for post-wax care!



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