10 Tips on Making Makeup Look Natural

10 Tips on Making Makeup Look Natural

10 Tips on Making Makeup Look Natural, As Told by Celebrity Makeup Artists


When it comes to looking natural, legendary makeup artists globally swear by a few secrets that can accentuate your radiating beauty. But what truly takes the cake? Here are the celebrity-approved 10 tips on making makeup look natural.

1. Skin Prep is Vital

Ever pondered how artists build that seamless base? The answer is fundamental—skin prep. Hydrating your skin before applying any makeup products is the first commandment. Opt for a suitable moisturizer, then follow up with a primer to create an impeccable canvas.

2. The Less is More Philosophy

The less-is-more philosophy is a celebrity stylist’s secret sauce. A thin layer of foundation, perfect for your skin tone and undertone, flaunts your skin’s natural glow without looking theatrical.

3. Master the Art of Concealing

The trick to naturally cover those blemishes? Proper color-correcting and concealing. Opt for a cream-based color corrector and only apply concealer on specific areas instead of the entire face.

4. Never Underestimate Powders

Translucent powders help control shine, set concealer, and provide a flawless base without the “cakey” effect. It’s a celebrity makeup artist’s arsenal!

5. The ‘Three’ Technique for Contouring

The ‘Three’ technique is crucial for a celebrity-styled sculpted look. Draw a number three from your forehead, to cheeks, to chin, and voilà! Your features stand out naturally.

6. The Natural Flush Hack

Apply blush on the apple of your cheeks. Ensure it matches your skin’s natural flush when you’re hot or cold—this adds a realistic touch to your makeup look.

7. Subtle Highlighting

Strategically apply highlighter to emphasize your facial features. Remember, don’t overdo it; subtlety is your friend here.

8. Eye Makeup

The thing to remember with eye makeup is to mimic your natural eyeshade. Neutral shades and a light hand work wonders in creating a natural look.

9. Lipstick

When choosing a color for your lips, a rule of thumb is to choose a shade slightly deeper than your natural lip color.

10. Set Your Makeup

Finally, douse a setting spray to lock your makeup in place, keeping it fresh longer.


And there you have it! The 10 tips for nailing a natural makeup look that even celebs swear by. Practice, and you’ll ace the celebrity look. Remember, less is more; natural beauty is about enhancing your features, not masking them.


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