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The rebirth of American fashion

The rebirth of American fashion

“New York is dead. Don’t come back.”
This is what first appeared on the huge billboard on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles on February 27, 2021.

This message seems hopeless, but for creators, it also wants to be a declaration of love for this city. Graham Forging (the project’s founder and his partner Samara Bliss) actually chose to use this medium to describe the different attitudes of New Yorkers during the pandemic: those who choose to leave the city give up while people live it. Forced to enter their apartment, the street was empty. Instead, they decided to try to rebuild it together, betting on its rebirth.

Perhaps, those who have gambled on this rebirth did not gamble for nothing.
An ancient fermentation seems to have returned to New York. Metropolitan hurt, but something began to move, and it is full of confidence and revive the vitality of the skyline of the “city that never sleeps” .

On the evening of February 21st, we saw that thousands of people (obviously all vaccinated) gathered in Central Park for the “We Love New York: Back to School Concert” , the city wanted to celebrate its Covid-19 Rebirth activity.
Unfortunately, due to the arrival of Hurricane Henry, the concert had to be interrupted at the most beautiful time, but even such an accident cannot stop the encouraging signs of recovery. The New York Times first disclosed in a recent article. According to statistics, from 2010 to today, the Big Apple has welcomed 6.29 million new residents: For those who have announced the end of the city, this is a complete setback. .

New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 22

This New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 22 , and now more than ever filled with ready prominent city with its top model, the impact , the main editing e celebrity , in the wave of collective enthusiasm, the event had not seen for some time.

After experiencing two almost completely digital versions, many people think that New York is now irrelevant to the panorama of New York Fashion Week . On Tuesday, July 7, the first long-awaited parade returned to the city. In various locations, especially the main place, spring studio , on-site field 90 march followed (as people vaccinated reserved admission), the final victory ended the meeting with the party – from January XNUMX XNUMX temporarily moved to May. Big brands, publishing and CFDA (equivalent to our fashion chamber) have not disappeared, but stopped to gather strength and return to fashion.

The strategy behind the Fashion Week New Yorker this year’s theme, as well as meet the party, there is only one, and it is clear: a new spirit to celebrate and enhance the fashion “made in America” .

There are many things to celebrate. In fact, even though Los Angeles is still an important manufacturing center, New York is also strongly reaffirmed the country’s fashion capital: According to recent data, its fashion industry fashion field involving 180 people (6% of the city’s total labor force), The total salary generated is $1.15 billion.
The icing on the cake? There are approximately 900 fashion companies in New York, ideal for living and working for one-third of the country’s 19 designers.

The festival from July 12 to XNUMX days the city is full of vitality, alternating a lot of new faces and personalities in the field, but one day than any other person expected to be more than fashionistas from around the world (as well as From the meme Instagram page): Meet the party , this is the first in the Covid-19 era.

Since when Anna Wintour undertaken the task of organizing a meeting with party representatives Institute of Clothing Technology in the mid-XNUMX years, it gradually transforming it into one of the most unique event celebrities United States, as well as “Vogue” the greatest exposure and revenue One of the moments (thanks to the charity, the company has raised more than $20 billion over time).

Despite the lack of common “patriotism” in the interpretation of the theme and a few truly valid political statements (the most important of which is Deputy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), she wore a white dimensional Marsalis brothers dress that says “tax the rich” , has been fierce criticism about some kind of hypocrisy), this edition met with the party which of course is a great opportunity to prepare fashion to prove that the activity is still relevant , Even in the age of digitization and progress like today.

And indeed seems the same has been well adapted to the era of “digital” that run.
This version is actually the largest ever digital version of visits, first and foremost thanks to the main show sponsor: Instagram.
This choice seems appropriate. On the other hand, social media applications have long been messing up the fashion industry’s brands, bypassing fashion designers, retailers and fashion publishers, and actually become the favorite place for people to flock to discover trends and shop.

Instagram (which will also sponsor the exhibition “In the United States: Anthology of Fashion” , which will be completed in March 2022 entitled “In the United States: The Fashion Dictionary” opened on Monday) once again emphasized its relevance in the event and held the biggest of the night one table and to strengthen reporting activities through direct recruitment favorite account, such as St. scam (the official correspondent events and inexhaustible source of memes), a cool room e debauchery puffin .

If the result of this new look and change the date of the event until next year may XNUMX months (when meeting with the party will return to its original program), we can see the clothing stylist in T stage show immediately.

Prabal Gurung 

It can be said that Prabal Gurung is one of the main supporters of the revival. Fashion week and-more generally-the values ​​and fashion of the Big Apple.
Not only because of his role as a stylist and activist, he has become more and more popular with stars such as Blake Lively or Selena Gomez, but more importantly, because for some time this Nepalese-American designer has been serving as Vice President Karma of the United States. Signature of Kamala Harris’s suit.

His collection is called “American Girl” . The name taken from the famous doll rice is sold in the United States (listed in 1986) along with books on American historical events. The project basically started with a question: “Being an American means What? “ .
to answer this question, the identity of the designer follow the road, we launched a series, revisit the classic concept of nationality and gender by optimistic filter. This vision translates into vibrant ultra-feminine dresses with vitamin tones, measles , and light play to ensure success.

Imagine creating equipment he designed to celebrate diversity and to women and their imaginary doll strength girls , like T-shirts printed with the text “color thicker” .
T stage we see printing plaid color highlighter miniskirts and The mini skirt and outerwear have floral prints close to the world’s sportswear , and then flounces, feathers and curls, which contrast sharply with the knitwear that fits tightly to the body.

Small dresses and formal suits have become the benchmark of mobile fashion. It reimagines the beautiful classics, questioning what is truly feminine and what it means to be a woman in the United States today.

Tom Ford

New York Fashion Week was all the rage. Tom Ford, CFDA President, returned to the runway  with a wonderful collection and a shortlist of highly sought-after top models, from Gigi Hadid to Joan Smalls to Italy’s Vittoria Ceretti.
They are the “Disco Queens” Two decades after the Petronas Twin Towers were attacked, the show was full of very bright colors. Tom Ford’s shining fashion show in the spring and summer of 2022 aims to present a positive and festive scene . The shining night that is strongly missed in the city will surely win the hearts of celebrities.

For Ford, the starting point came from a very unusual request from his eight-year-old son: wear silk to play basketball. This is the source oversized shoulder jacket, I jog and Capri in the ultra-colored rainbow smooth , designers summary of a style as follows: . “From the 1970s, the 1990s have seen a sense of leisure in Los Angeles”

In the designer’s collection, we found sequined Bermuda shorts, sports bras, and jogging in satin dazzling to say the least, alternating with black leather trench coats, extra-long suit jackets, velvet suits and jackets with golden chains. The self-quotation of recalling the brand’s past series is obvious, and its purpose seems to be exactly: remember the past and pay tribute to it, and look forward to a bright future with greater motivation and confidence.

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