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10 best graduation gifts Save the Student

10 best graduation gifts Save the Student

It’s no clandestine that university can be actual problematic for a lot of students. Just attainment the end of a degree receipts a lot of solid work and devotion, so the labors and achievements of graduates would always be distinguished.

Whether it’s a friend, relative, girlfriend, boyfriend, or anyone else who graduates, just acknowledging his immense achievement means the world . And if you decide to give them a little something to mark the occasion, that will certainly be appreciated.

If you’ve been wondering where to buy graduation gifts, then stop wondering. With this list of 11 great gift ideas, you can find one that is ideal for the lucky graduate.

Whether you are purchasing a graduation gift for him or her, personalized stationery is such an appropriate gift for graduates.

For example, if someone spent a large portion of their degree writing essays or jotting down equations, a pen engraved with their initials and / or the date they graduated might represent all of the hard work they’ve had. devoted to his studies.

It would be even more appropriate as a gift if they also embarked on a career that involves writing. If you’re buying a graduation gift for a future lawyer or journalist, a special pen would be something they could really use in their day-to-day life after college.

Alternatively, a personalized calendar or diary would be both thoughtful and super practical for a recent graduate. It would help them organize their time after college, whether they plan to start working, study for a postgraduate degree, or even travel.

Try sites like Not On The High Street and Etsy for personalized small business stationery.

Watch or jewelry

Everything from rings and necklaces to watches can make brilliant graduation gifts. These articles last a lifetime and will always be a reminder of their success in college.

While some high quality jewelry will undoubtedly be expensive, it is possible to find great deals on pieces that are still beautiful.

At the time of writing, the watch in the image above costs around £ 60 at Etsy, but don’t worry if it doesn’t fit your budget – you should be able to find something beautiful regardless of the range. of price you choose.

For jewelry that is more in the upper Main Street price range, you can consider brands like Pandora and Kate Spade. Or, if your budget is tight, try Accessorize and take a look at the options on Amazon.

It’s also worth looking for jewelry in local independent stores and charity shops to see if you can find affordable yet eye-catching gifts.

spa day

After all the stress and hard work of graduating, a young or future graduate will greatly appreciate the chance to relax and be pampered. And what could be better than a day at the spa?

Depending on where you book and the treatments included in the deal, spa days can be quite expensive, but there are plenty of great deals out there if you know where to look.

You can find great deals on spa day vouchers at sites like Virgin Experience Days, Red Letter Days, and

On these sites, try to sort results by low to high price to find the cheapest deals. But, when browsing the offerings, make sure the reviews are good and see if the right one would include a spa treatment.

House plant

Houseplants make amazing graduation gifts. Not only are they lasting gifts that can be enjoyed during (hopefully

for years to come, but they are especially delicious because they are a gift that the recipient can nurture and watch grow.

Bloom & Wild is best known for its flowers, but they also have a small but great selection of houseplants for sale – we even saw a pineapple plant there.

Art print

A personalized art print is such a wonderful and unique graduation gift.

We love the ones pictured above from Etsy. They cost around £ 10 each at the time of writing and can be personalized for whoever you’re giving the gift to.

Alternatively, if you are a talented artist yourself, you may want to consider drawing or painting something for them. Knowing that you have taken the time and effort to create a work of art for them can mean a lot to any graduate.


There is a huge range of cookies, chocolates, and other goodies on sites like Etsy, Biscuiteers, and Not On The High Street. The prices for these gifts can vary widely and will generally be higher for personalized gifts, but they shouldn’t cost you a fortune.

It’s also worth checking out the Life Changing Bakes of Yellow Submarine, a social enterprise that supports people with learning disabilities and autism.

Their cakes taste amazing , and 100% of the proceeds go to charity. They also offer a handmade brownie with a personalized message on top – perfect for a memorable (and tasty) graduation gift.

Afternoon tea

As with spa days, websites like have great deals on afternoon tea experiences. You might even be able to find vouchers for spa days with afternoon tea.

However, that’s not the only way to treat a lucky graduate with delicious teas, cakes and sandwiches. You might consider sending them an afternoon tea box, like this one from Morrisons. It’s similar to their subscription revenue box service, but it’s a one-time giveaway (no recurring payment).

Or, you can even make indulgent sandwiches and cakes at home for your loved one, making sure you get their favorite tea and maybe even a glass of champagne. It would be the most cost effective way to offer afternoon tea, and probably the most thoughtful way too.

End of studies album

The albums themselves are generally quite affordable (the one in the photo above was around £ 5 at Hobbycraft at the time of writing) – and you can customize it for free if you already have art and material. home crafts.

Find pictures of you and them, and maybe add some notes along the way about the good times you had together. It’s even better if you have photos and stories that relate directly to their time in college, but that’s okay if not.

The important thing is that it is thoughtful, well presented and full of happy memories that will make them smile.

Tree planted in their name

It goes without saying that planting more trees is essential for the planet. By arranging for a tree to be planted in someone’s name for their graduation ceremony, you and them will have the joy of knowing that the gift is doing good in the world – and will do so for many years to come. .

For that giveaway, maybe take a look at the National Trust’s website to donate to their “Tree Planting Fund”. They are asking for a minimum donation of £ 5 which pays for the planting of a sapling. And the more you give, the more trees you plant.

You can also plant trees thanks to Ecologi. At Save the Student, we use this site to plant trees and function as a climate positive workplace, so this is definitely the one we recommend.

Handwritten letter

Ultimately, the best graduation gifts really don’t have to cost a lot – and they could even be free.

It would be difficult to buy a gift that was almost as heartfelt as a long, handwritten letter about how proud you are in them and their accomplishments – not just in their degree, but in everything they do.

It might sound cheesy, but celebrating how well they are doing and letting them know that you’ll be there for them throughout the next stage, when it comes to graduation gifts, is pretty hard to beat.


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