Gorgeous Alternatives to UGG Boots for the Winter

Gorgeous Alternatives to UGG Boots for the Winter

Nice warm boots are simply irreplaceable in winter. They keep your feet warm and ideally dry and you can safely maneuver through snow and ice. Many women have sworn by Uggs for years. The lambskin boots are mostly made of soft suede on the outside and warmly lined with lambskin on the inside and are super comfortable. But the Ugg boots also have disadvantages:

1. Real Uggs are quite expensive at well over a hundred euros

2. Sheep have to suffer for production and the animal welfare organization Peta has been denouncing the brutal methods of fur extraction for years. UGG boots sale

3. Uggs are not completely waterproof and unsightly edges are formed by snow.

4. The shapeless footbed creates a shuffling gait that even experts warn against.

5. Orthopedic surgeons see the stress on the joints and cartilage damage because the boots do not give the feet any stability. In the worst case, knock knees can arise or the kneecap has to be realigned.

So there are enough reasons to look for alternatives. If you are just looking for an inexpensive alternative to the original despite the disadvantages of Uggs, you will find what you are looking for with the Bearpaw brand. The Californian label is optically based on the original, but the boots are available for around 80 euros. A vegan alternative to the original Uggs is the Snug Boot by Vegetarian Shoes made of imitation suede, which is still a bit cheaper than the original.

Great, warm boots as an alternative to Uggs

If you’d rather say goodbye to the Uggs completely, you don’t have to be cold. There are many great and warming alternatives for winter. For example shoes from the Swiss shoe manufacturer Ammann: the traditional brand produces robust lace-up boots made of cowhide with a thick, non-slip sole and on top the boots are lined with lambskin.

Another interesting alternative are the warm boots from the British brand Fit Flop. The boots in the Snugger collection are also lined with sheepskin and look quite similar to Uggs. But they are water-repellent and sit more narrowly on the foot. The specially shaped sole should also shape the muscles of the legs and buttocks when walking and work against cellulite.

S.Oliver has a slightly more elegant and office-friendly variant in its range. The flat boots with a velvet look are of high quality and can be combined in many ways. The warm boots go great with skinny jeans, but also very modern with a midi skirt. Incidentally, the upper, lining and insole are made of textile, while the outsole is made of synthetic. So no sheep had to suffer for these shoes.

For everyone who likes a little bling bling, Guess has chic and cozy lace-up boots with glitter and platform soles in its range.

If all these alternatives are still too boyish for you, the only thing left is to wear sturdy, warm boots for the way through mud and mud and then slip into the noble pumps in the office. To ensure that you get something out of your winter boots for a long time, you should always ensure that they are well waterproofed. If the edges of snow have formed, home remedies can help. You can rub the areas with half a lemon or half an onion. Let it take effect and then wipe it off and then, depending on the material, grease and polish the shoes if necessary.

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