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The Fashion Trends 2022

The Fashion Trends 2022

Despite the impact of the new crown epidemic, Fashion Month and many exciting spring 2022 fashion trends have not stopped publishing, but designers have to use special methods to showcase their works during the global pandemic, so for most people In other words, these designs are reflections or responses to COVID-19.

For many designers, especially in New York and London, holding traditional fashion shows is not an option. As a result, we can instead appreciate the new series through movies, live broadcasts and albums.

Many designers show their new designs in outdoor videos, while other designers decorate the spaces where they shoot videos or product catalogs with various plants. This may be the greenest fashion month ever, thanks to reduced travel and the use of old fabrics instead of new ones.

In terms of fashion trends in the summer of 2022, it is also very attractive to see different brand trends. I noticed that two main themes have emerged: some designers are taking a more practical route, clothes are for comfort, while others are immersed in fantasy and escapism.

Casual fashion

One of the more practical spring trends of 2022 is casual wear. After all, since many of us spend more time at home, it makes sense to look for comfortable but chic clothes! Designers have created a variety of comfortable clothing, blurring the boundaries between professional wear and pajamas.

Tom Ford used colorful satin trousers (with brand elastic waistbands, which received mixed reviews from fashion editors) and matching sweaters at New York Fashion Week.

The Hugo Boss series is characterized by the combination of ultra-comfortable satin casual pants and light suit pants, relaxed and narrow in soft tones, which is very suitable for the fashion of working at home in the summer of 2022.

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Super loose suit

If you can’t wear a real pajama during a Zoom meeting, then a super casual suit will definitely make you feel like a professional-looking suit. Suits have shown a lazy silhouette, but for the fashion trends of the spring of 2022, they are really everywhere, and they are more lazy than ever.

Christian Dior (Christian Dior) series of suits, because of the waistband, there is some structure here, but in addition, the skirt is wide and comfortable, there is a lot of room for activity.

The atmosphere of the 80s

From the designer’s point of view, the 1980s were a very eclectic era, but they are always one of the most recognizable eras. The outrageous color combination that occurred in the 1980s is so unique and unforgettable that even those of us who have not lived in that period of time can recognize it in an instant.

The Louis Vuitton collection shows some different ways from the 80s, although it is mainly about styling. First of all, there are a large number of neon-color printed T-shirts and mini skirts. These tops are usually fluffy beige coats or slightly larger or large shoulder trench coats, or paired with super slouchy trousers that are reminiscent of men’s clothing in the 80s.

Natasha Zinke’s spring collection is inspired by horror films, many of which are set in the 80s, so some eye-catching styles have appeared, including a fluffy sleeve dress with a high and low balloon skirt.

Upgrade patch

Spliced ​​clothes are everywhere on the catwalks this season, clearly showing that it is possible to mix and match patterns, even one piece of clothing! One of the reasons why collage has become the main fashion trend of this season is that designers particularly emphasize the need to clean up their inventory and use waste materials. This is not only an environmentally friendly design method, but also a usability issue: many factories are closed, and new fabrics are scarce in the Covid era.

Rentrayage’s upgrade is a bit subtle, but there are still some patchwork appearances that make the designer’s environmental awareness clearer.

Dolce& Gabbana’s full patchwork series may be the most popular, because the colorful, sparkling fabric combination is very eye-catching. The two people are inspired by the fabrics of Sicily, and Sicily itself represents the different cultures that have influenced this Italian island. Although the combination of fabrics is very loud, the tailoring of the clothes itself is impeccable.

The Marni collection expresses unity in difficult and distant times, so it’s hard not to think of spliced ​​clothing as a metaphor. To create this series, Francisco Risso has actually returned to his archives, separated the old costumes from the previous collection, and then reassembled them in a wild and creative way.

For designers like Matty Bovan and Rokh, the patchwork collection is actually a continuation of themes that designers have explored in the past.

Double-sided fabric

In the past few seasons, we have noticed that double fabrics and half-length skirts appear in the series again and again, and we are not too surprised to see them appear again.

Christopher John Rogers is quite fond of mixed patterns, including a dramatic mermaid dress, half of which is made of checked cloth with a little psychedelic effect, and the other half is made of abstract zebra patterns.

A buttoned dress by Balenciaga looks like it is a combination of two different items: an indigo dress shirt and a dark long skirt that is simply buttoned together.

Gabriela Hearst kicked off her carbon neutral show with an elegant long-sleeved, semi-black, semi-white cylindrical skirt, proving that this trend can be suitable for more complex styles.

Inlaid gems

In the fall, we noticed a lot of jewel-studded clothing, but the designers brought these decorations to the fashion trend of spring 2022!

In Givenchy and Alyx, the use of jewelry decoration is the most eye-catching! We mentioned both series at the same time because they were both designed by Matthew Williams. At Alyx, he covered his pants and jacket with silver studs (sometimes worn as a matching suit). In Givenchy, he decorated sweaters and see-through skirts with hardware covered with silver crystals.

The series of dresses at the end of the Burberry fashion show are made of a fabric covered with crystals. From a distance, they look like shiny silver. They are indeed shocking, but we cannot imagine how heavy they are. Louis Vuitton also has a heavy-looking Cami skirt covered with round and shiny light spots.

Modern tights

Few designers stay away from the sexy charm of tights. For the spring and summer fashion trends of 2022, the tights designers displayed have a very modern feel, with smooth designs and smooth structures.

We must start with LaQuan Smith’s beautiful tights, whether it is pastel or other bright colors, there are satin and leather options. They often wear leggings to suit the party outfit.

Christopher John Rogers also showed colorful tights: one is blue with matching trousers, the other is orange with floral jacket and trousers, suitable for home office.

David Koma’s tennis inspiration series give tights a sporty feel. The tight teddy is designed as Lycra shorts or tennis skirts in monochrome white or bright red.

Lace and crochet

Lace and crochet garments make people feel refined and feminine in this season’s fashion show and fashion show. Although they are not a new trend, they have a new meaning for the spring of 2022, representing handicrafts made at home and celebrating old-world handicrafts.

We like how Stella McCartney (Stella McCartney) made lace into a tight black mini skirt, and added more structured lines at the seams, giving lace a modern and sexy feel.

It is a bit surprising to see lace on Chanel, but the brand has launched three exquisite white dresses made of feminine materials.

The texture that lace and crochet can provide is an important part of this year’s Zimmermann series. The series has many interesting options, including a white dress with a certain degree of transparency due to the crochet pattern and tassels on the sleeves.

In Giambattista Valli, Fendi and Valentino there are more examples of lace and crochet garments, and more examples of lace and crochet garments.

Sweat shirt

Although we believe that sweatshirts are unlikely to be used as work clothes, it is still appropriate to see them become one of the fashion trends in the summer of 2022. They will definitely finish your street style outfit, especially if it becomes abnormally cold.

Balenciaga showed some sweatshirts and hoodies, showing how to use luxurious jewelry to create fashion and make them look more upscale.

Rodarte is a sportswear made of silk, with a flower signature printed on the label, or “J’aime Rodarte” is used to engrave patterns on all hats.

Undercover, Collina Strada and Rag & Bone, there are more sweatshirts for fashion lovers to choose from.

Polo collar

The polo collar is another item in the “Professional Wear for Casual” category in the spring 2022 fashion trend. Over the years, polo shirts have become popular and outdated, but their mainstream popularity peaked in the 1970s, and to a lesser extent, in the 2000s.

They are associated with sportswear, especially sports like golf, tennis and polo, but they don’t actually feel very sporty.

We saw a lot of polo shirts in Miu Miu. The color scheme and style remind us of the 70s, but in a very girly way. Polo shirts are also natural in David Koma. The entire runway and series are based on the designer’s love of tennis.

Polo collars have also been used to enhance dresses, such as the soft knitted maxi dress by Marina Moscone and the dark long-sleeved ribbed dress by Hugo Boss.

Spring knitwear

The designer proves that you can wear a sweater all year round! If we are still in isolation by the spring of 2022, we must wear some beautiful sweaters.

At the Salvatore Ferragamo show, we saw exactly how knitwear should be paired with a light yellow sleeveless dress in delicate shades. Rick Owens’ knitted garments are very sexy. The wool is so light and pure that it is tight and asymmetrical garments are actually transparent.

Marni’s situation is slightly different. In Marni, items are taken apart and reassembled, as we mentioned earlier when discussing patchwork. This resulted in knit dresses that looked worn out. In different series such as Hermes, Fendi and Max Mara, there are more examples of spring and summer knitwear.


Feathers are making a comeback in the 2022 spring and summer fashion trend! In some cases, the addition of feathers is an embellishment of dreams and escapism, while in other cases, it adds a comfortable and soft touch to realistic clothing.

Salvatore Ferragamo’s feathers were added to professional daily clothing. Models wore feather-covered pencil skirts or trousers instead of gorgeous dresses.

In No. 21, feathers add movement and luxury to skirts and skirts, just like an upgraded version of tassels. Our favorite is the mix and match style, with a comfortable oversized purple sweater and feather-covered skirt.

However, this is not just about skirts. Koché has a cool cloak with blue, red and white feathers.

Bible cloak

We can’t imagine the fashion trend of the summer of 2022 is simpler than a simple tunic. Tunic has always been a basic garment in history, and it has existed for thousands of years. When we saw the tunic displayed on the aisle, we couldn’t help but think of the tunic that often appears in Bible stories.

In Chloé, there are several long tunic skirts with various atmospheres, but a cream striped skirt really makes us stand out, with its earthy patterns, unusual details on the collar and shoulders, and a thick belt around the waist. .

Michael Kors’ tunic is mostly collared, and even has some modern button shirt elements. However, loose clothes and stripes make them feel that if we are going to walk in the desert, they will feel very fit.

We found more tunics suitable for first-century high fashion cosplay in Tory Burch and Christian Dior.

Heavy pants

One of the trends is a return to the fashion of the 80s, and the new trend is loose trousers. Pants have been getting bigger and lazier in recent seasons, but we have reached the culmination of the possibility, super loose and loose, and sometimes even wrinkled pants.

In Chloé, such trousers are fitted with a high waist, front pleats, and excessive volume around the hips, which nicely give a feminine silhouette despite the traditional masculine design. Fendi’s front pleated trousers sit at the lower waist and are equally loose from top to bottom, giving a more neutral feel.

I also saw a looser (especially pleated) pair of pants in Giorgio Armani, Margaret Howell, ALC, Tibi and many other clothing collections.

Bra on skirt

If you are really fearless and weird, you might like this to be added to the fashion trend of spring 2022, but we can’t feel it.

Versace always chooses a variety of styles, so this is not the first time we have seen a bra on her runway. This time, a neon green bra was designed on a striped long-sleeved jacket.

In Drome, in addition to more bras and suit jackets, there is also a white bra set on a knitted polo skirt. This unique combination is designed by Wu Zongxian (jasonwu), the color is coordinated, the yellow bra is over the green dress, and it is decorated with yellow flowers.

Giant sleeves

A jacket or dress with wide sleeves has a sense of drama that combines femininity and masculinity, comfort and power. Wide sleeves can be seen everywhere on the T stage, which allows us to reflect on the duality of fashion trends and life in the spring and summer of 2022.

The loose skirt of Ulla Johnson is an embellishment we add to her.

Simone Rocha is a designer. She always takes historical silhouettes as inspiration to create gorgeous, romantic and gorgeous dresses, so her series of works often show big sleeves. This season, coats, jackets and dresses are absolutely in line with her usual themes. The sleeves are slightly drooping, but they are still wide.

In Loewe, Jonathan Anderson took the leg o’mutton sleeves to a new level. Whether it is a top or a dress, there are huge shawl-style sleeves.

Uniform mini skirt

The influence of the 1990s on the fashion trends of spring 2022 is not as great as that of autumn, but this has not stopped designers from designing several miniskirts.

Mini skirts are the main source of inspiration for Miu Miu this season, and the series includes a variety of skirts. There is a set of cute mini skirts decorated with jewelry and colorful striped collar shirts.

Of course, tweed is the miniskirt material chosen by Chanel. There are some mini skirts a little above the knee to suit the look of the office, and a short, more fun mini pearl belt covering.

Finally, at David Koma, models wore miniskirts that were clearly inspired by tennis uniforms and walked on the tennis courts as their catwalks. The black skirts were particularly conspicuous, and there were two silver embroidered rackets next to them.


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