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1st Floor: Anonymous User

You can take her ** to order a real-life or ** version of her soft pottery doll sculpture, give him a unique

surprise inside

Rongxi! The statue in Feng Gong’s sketch for this year’s Spring Festival Gala!

The most personalized wedding/holiday/birthday gift,

Very memorable, handmade, stylish and individual, and can be treasured forever.

Not only can represent your heart,

It can also bring you closer to him.

It is a permanent witness of your love with him!

Contact me if needed.

2nd Floor: Anonymous User

Please refer to it

Hope it helps you

3rd Floor: Anonymous User

It depends on how she is as a person. If she likes her, she will naturally like it. If you don’t know, I suggest you start with your friends and collect information.

What should be a good birthday present for a loved one?

4th floor: Li girl

A watch is recommended for girlfriend’s birthday

The watch represents the time, the seasons change, the day and night change, I hope you can remember the good times we had together as long as you raise your hand and lower your eyebrows, and no matter how the hour hand rotates, I will still love you on the next lap .

5th Floor: Little Silly Bookworm Girl

Exquisite hairpins, preferably pink, small, not so expensive, and show your attentiveness!

6th Floor: Anonymous User

In fact, you just need to show her your mind and see if she accepts it or not, then take it slow.

What gift to give to a loved one can touch his heart

7th floor: Laokan

It doesn’t matter what you give, let him know that you are sincere, better than anything, and you will like anything you give. Do you think it’s not a sentence, it’s a gift that is light and affectionate? If you really want to give it, give it to a man Friends: 1. Scarf—-I love you forever 2.

9th Floor: Zhaoning Dream Training Valley

In our lifetime will meet the person you love most,

The one who loves you the most is the one who spends a lifetime together.

First you will meet the person you love the most, and then you will experience the feeling of love;

Because you understand the feeling of being loved, you can find the person who loves you the most;

When you have experienced loving and being loved, and learned to love, you will know what you need, and you will find the person who is most suitable for you and can be with you for a lifetime.

But sadly, in real life, these three people are usually not the same person;

What you love most often does not choose you;

The one who loves you the most is often not your favorite;

And the longest is not the one you love the most or the one who loves you the most, but the one who appears at the most suitable time.

How many people will you be in someone else’s life?

No one wants to change his mind on purpose. When he loves you, he really loves you, but when he doesn’t love you, he really doesn’t love you anymore.

When he loves you there is no way to pretend not to love you;

Likewise, he can’t pretend to love you when he doesn’t love you

. When someone doesn’t love you and wants to leave you,

You have to ask yourself if you still love him,

If you don’t love him anymore, don’t refuse to leave for poor self-esteem;

If you still love him, you should hope that he will be happy and happy, and that he will never stop when he is with the person he truly loves.

If you prevent him from getting real happiness, it means that you don’t love him anymore, and if you don’t love him, what right do you have to accuse him of changing his mind?

Love is not possession, you can’t tell the reason when you truly love someone, you only know that no matter when and where, in good or bad mood, you want this person to accompany you;

The real feeling is that two people can stay together in the hardest, that is, there is no requirement at all.

After all, feelings must be given, not just to get;

Separation is an inevitable test,

If your relationship is not strong enough, you have to admit defeat,

True love does not turn into resentment. So in the end

It is to choose which one to believe in fate, everything goes with the flow

What is the best gift to give to my beloved

10th Floor: Fighting Yulan Suga

You and I are so similar, so do my boyfriend and I. We have known each other for 6 years. We have always been

What is the best gift for a loved one?

11th Floor: Anonymous User

Gifts for loved ones depend on the level of communication, usually roses, chocolates, necklaces, etc. She will like them

12th Floor: Kang Pippi’s Beautiful Mommy

A gift that can represent your heart! It doesn’t have to be expensive or expensive, but it must be chosen with your heart. If there is a certain meaning in it, it will be even better!

What is a good gift for your loved one?

14th Floor: Anonymous User

It’s best to give him your whole heart. If you have to be substantive, anything is fine as long as you have carefully selected it yourself.

15th Floor: Hobby Picking Stones

You give yourself to him (her), right?

16th floor: flail

Do whatever you want, if you know him well enough, you know what he needs and likes.

17th Floor: Anonymous User

Roses? Or jewelry. It’s a girl’s favorite!

18th floor: Cancer’s life of struggle

A handmade product: You know the time until now, “I will trade my heart for this life!”

What gift should I give my dearest person on his birthday?

19th floor: Shu Guizhi Shixue

First of all, useful gifts are not as good as useless gifts. It is recommended that you do not send things that are too practical, such as clothes, perfumes, backpacks, etc., unless you are absolutely sure of your own taste. Everyone has a lot of these things, and if they are not brilliant enough, they can easily be submerged in his many daily necessities.

If he doesn’t agree with your taste, it might leave him with a bad impression of “vulgar”. It is best to give gifts that are “four things that can’t be taken away”, that is: can’t eat, can’t use, can’t give away , cannot be thrown away. This kind of gift is the most suitable for expressing your thoughts, and it is also the most likely to make the recipient feel happy, so that you will be grateful and unforgettable for a long time.

From the perspective of the recipient, what works for them is not necessarily what makes them happy, but from the perspective of the giver. The purpose of gift-giving is not to bring much practical value to the recipient, but to make them appreciate and remember you.

Second, unique, creative, and personalized gifts are better. Such a gift can not only surprise and move the person who receives the gift, but also make him feel that you have spent a lot of thought and energy preparing this gift for him.

From this point of view, personalized handicrafts are a good choice. For example, the individual statues made of soft pottery according to the characters’ characteristics are welcomed by the fashionable people. Its advantage is unique

2. It can be stored permanently and can be washed with water. But ** is around 300 to 400 yuan, and you need to have a clear ** of the character, and you need to book at least one week in advance. There are also personalized cartoon portraits, personalized crystal images, personalized puzzles, personalized watches, personalized necklaces, personalized t-shirts, personalized cups, etc.

Third, the small in the big and the middle is not as big as the big in the small. That said, when it comes to gift giving, choosing a more expensive gift in a less expensive gift category will yield better results than choosing a less expensive gift in a more expensive gift category.

Fourth, say what you want is not as good as what you want. In fact, the purpose of giving gifts should not be to maximize the utility of the gift recipients, but to maximize their status in the minds of the recipients. So, you should give or reward things that people want to buy but are reluctant to buy, or want to buy but are embarrassed to buy.

Fifth, it is better to have no choice than to have a choice. Gift-giving should not give choices, although people will choose the gift that will give them the greatest effect, but many times, this choice will not bring them the greatest degree of satisfaction. In some cases, choices can also have negative effects.

When there is little difference between the pros and cons of several gifts, giving any one of them alone is more satisfying than letting others choose the same among two or even several things. When giving gifts, don’t give troubles to others.

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